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JP Murals

Jamaica Plain Arts Murals

JP and Roslindale have an array of murals which can catch both casual visitor and longtime veteran resident by surprise. From Egleston Square to Hyde Square to the Monument to Forest Hills there are murals in parks, on store doors and walls and factory buildings facades. These photographic images do not do the murals justice -- I urge you to spend a day or two and locate these and the multitude of other murals and see them full scale and in their urban environmental context. Also a great excuse to sample Jamaica Plains famous restaurants with foods from around the world.

Many of these murals were done through the Boston Office of Cultural Affairs "Mural Crew." The Director is Heidi Schork, who recruits artists and 10-12 high school students each summer, since 1991, to paint the town. Contact Heidi Schork, Director, Mural Crew at Back Bay Yard, 440 Park Drive, Boston, MA. 02215, Telephone:  (781) 234-5967 email: heidi.schork@boston.gov for additional information.

Web page with list of mural with links to photographs -- http://www.bostonyouthzone.com/teenzone/employment/MuralCrew/pm_title.asp?mural=yr

Roberto Chao, 87 Brookside Ave. #E, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617.524.3002 robertochao@aol.com http://www.geocities.com/soho/veranda/5646/ is an artist who has worked with neighborhood teens to create murals in Jamaica Plain including the mural at the Egleston Square Peace Garden http://www.esacboston.org/peacegarden.html.

Alex Cook, story on his murals at https://jpndc.org/jp-and-alex-cook/  Contact at http://www.youarelovedmurals.com

Robin Dunitz documented murals throughout New England including many in Boston.  She has a 24 post card booklet available.  Contact her at rjdunitz@comcast.net

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1. Petal and Leaf, 467 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-524-2227

2. Bella Luna, Milky Way Lounge & Lane, 403-405 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-524-3740

3. Gods of the Taino peoples by Rafael Rivera Garcia 1984. Mother goddess holding two sons apart

right god: night-wind-destrution from left god: protector of earth from hurricanes.

Restored by City of Boston Mural Crew in 2003.

Junction of Perkins and Centre Streets


4. On side of 663 Centre Street Building


5. On rear wall of Costello's Tavern, 723 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-522-9263

The first mural was replaced by a sports mural sponsored by a beer company


6. Parking lot off of Burroughs Street behind Bukhara, 701 Centre St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 617-522-2195

Mural of Annual Lantern Parade


7. On the south facing wall of the public housing buildings on South Street


8. Junction of Hall and Centre Streets


9. Corner of Eliot and Centre Streets


10 Junction of Burroughs and Centre Street


11, Centre Street in Hyde Square Area


12. Traditional Mexican mural atTacos El Charro, 349 Centre Street


13 New mural for Mozart Park on Centre Street being developed during the summer of 2008


14.  Murals by Roberto Chao on support beams at Jackson Square MBTA Station (Orange Line) on Centre Street


15. Mural by Boston Mural Crew in the Egleston Square area on Washington and School Street 


16. Peace Garden Mural project in Egleston Square on Washington Street

Click on images for larger versions. Photographs by Stephen Baird

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